Daryl films Hey Hey We’re 50!

Daryl Somers reunited with some cast on Wednesday night for a nostalgic special.

EXCLUSIVE: Filming of Hey Hey We’re 50! took place on Wednesday night at NEP Studios in South Melbourne.

The nostalgic special looking back on Hey Hey it’s Saturday‘s three decades of Live television mayhem was filmed at the former Seven studios which were once home to Dancing with the Stars, The Chase, and even Man O Man. The building exterior is currently seen in ABC’s The Newsreader.

Sources hint host Daryl Somers was linking between classic clips, live crosses to several former cast and joined by others Live in the studio.

Not all the cast are understood to have reunited (Livinia Nixon, for instance, is contracted to Nine), but one big name Australian star sent a video message congratulating the show on its 50th anniversary.

Seven Network Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “For three decades, Hey Hey was one of the funniest, most entertaining and most unpredictable shows on TV. We’re honoured to be part of what promises to be a wonderful celebration.”

Seven is yet to confirm a broadcast date but Saturday October 9 is the show’s official 50th.

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  1. It will be disappointing if Ozzie isn’t with Daryl presenting the clips.
    I really hope this rates well and can be revived. Variety television needs a place on Aussie screens. And god knows Saturday night could do with some original programming.

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