Eddie McGuire denied WA entry for AFL Grand Final

“I have probably got two days to apply again," says Eddie, who is happy to cop the rejection if deemed not essential.

Footy Classified host and FOX Footy presenter Eddie McGuire has been denied entry to Western Australia to cover the AFL Grand Final.

McGuire has multiple media commitments but told 6PR his application was declined.

“I applied for a G2G application for a permit to come in to work and cover the Grand Final, and it was rejected,” he said.

“I have probably got two days to apply again, otherwise the timing starts to get into Grand Final week.

“If the Western Australian Police chief says: no we don’t think you are essential, then I cop that and I don’t have any protest whatsoever.”

McGuire’s media commitments extend to Nine, FOX Footy and the Herald Sun but while he noted he might re-apply he was also mindful of the fragility of COVID rules.

“Can I just say this? My mother died last year in a nursing home with COVID all around and I looked through the windows for a month, as my mum died in front of me. I understand about people pushing to the front of the queue, or people who can’t get back to Perth, who want to get back because of loved ones in those situations.

“So that’s why I’m not kicking up a fuss. “

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  1. “So that’s why I’m not kicking up a fuss. “
    And what would you do to kick up a fuss Eddie, you are not broadcasting the game, channel 7 is and you don’t own Ch7 yet! I’m sure Ch9 and Fox Footy have local commentators there that can do the job?

  2. In his capacity as a Fox Sports commentator, I believe Eddie should be allowed into WA. He is good for the game, promotes the game and would be a real asset to building up the whole Grand Final week in Perth. He may have to leave his boys at home though – just saying.

  3. Darn. He also said he wanted to bring Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to Perth during finals week so that we Perth people can have a go at it. I’ve always wanted to audition for the show.

  4. Would be interesting to note what actual/specific purpose he was applying for.. eg if it was actually to be a accredited game caller/broadcaster for one of the approved media outlets that WA has approved..

    Was there endorsement from the media company he is claiming to represent to enter the state?

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