Emmy viewing rises in USA

After a record low in 2020 there was some good news for this year's Emmys.

There was some good news for the 73rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in US ratings.

The show averaged 7.4 million viewers for CBS, up 16% from last year. This formally ended a downward spiral for the annual event, which last year was the lowest in history at 6.37m. It also streamed on Paramount+ which is not included in those numbers.

The Emmys were competing with stiff competition from the NFL, the biggest ratings powerhouse on US TV, however it also was bolstered by a bump from CBS’ afternoon NFL games.

While the broadcast has been largely well received, reviews for host Cedric the Entertainer have not been good, and yet again broadcast television nominees were overwhelmed by subscription entries.

No audience numbers are readily available for Australia, which leaves the average audience at under 27,000 nationally, despite major city lockdowns.

Source: CNN

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  1. It is the Subscription TV awards, and will be even more so once This Is Us winds up. STV has all the wealthy households across the Developed World, and hence all the talented writers, directors, actors, and producers. If someone owns an idea, the last thing they want to do is let a Network turn it into a 22 episode formulaic procedural any more. The gulf between shows like The Crown, The Mandalorian, Queen’s Gambit, Hacks and the police, hospital and fire house procedurals that dominate Network TV is massive. I imagine that soon there will be a Daytime/Network Emmy Awards and an STV Emmy Awards.

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