Fetch TV launches new Mini 4K

4K capability & voice control and more in the new Fetch Mini 4K set top box.

Fetch TV has launched a new Fetch Mini 4K set top box.

Retailing at $199 it includes Bluetooth voice remote control and Wi-Fi, with voice commands, integrated universal search, Virtual Playlist Channels, and the recently launched Metrological Application Platform.

Scott Lorson, CEO Fetch TV said “Fetch has established itself as a market leading aggregation platform in Australia through continuous innovation and a relentless focus on the customer experience. Fetch subscribers enjoy regular software updates delivering new features, functionality, and content.

“We also look to introduce new set-top-box models when technology advances warrant. The new Fetch Mini 4K leverages the latest in chipset and Wi-Fi technology to deliver a fantastic customer experience. It may be called a Mini, but it definitely packs a punch.”

Key technical features and benefits:

Processor: Broadcom 712180 – a 3 in 1 chipset (SOC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) offering a significant upgrade to processing power (24k DMIPS) and improved High Dynamic Range 4K video quality – providing support for the improved picture quality users demand.
Wi-Fi support: Wi-Fi 6 (2×2 802.11ax 2×2 802.11ac) – significantly increased download speeds delivering improved streaming video quality and a superior user experience, particularly in homes with multiple connected devices.
RAM: 2 GB (LPDDR4) – double the amount of RAM of the current Fetch Mini, improving the load time and performance of applications.
Free-to-Air Tuner: DVB-T2 – this is an upgrade to the tuner that receives the Free-to-Air signal, future proofing the device to support 4K Free-to-Air channels in the future.

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