“It’s time for chapter two of George”

After his Masked Singer performance, former MasterChef judge is looking ahead.

Former MasterChef judge George Calombaris is looking ahead to new projects after his return to the small screen last night.

Calombaris was revealed as the singing “duster” on The Masked Singer -none of the guessing panel had tipped him.

After a controversy around his restaurants under-paying staff, this morning he told Studio 10 he was looking ahead.

“It’s time for chapter two of George. It’s been a tough time over the last couple of years but we’re only looking forward now. Number two, I’ve got a soft spot for Channel 10. You guys know that. I love the network. I love everything that they believe in and the joy that every show puts into people’s hearts and minds. You know what… I’m going to stick to cooking.”

On social media last night, not everybody agreed with his inclusion however, with many criticising his casting.

But Calombaris had no regrets about his singing performance.

“I loved my 11 years on MasterChef. This is just another opportunity that I took with both hands when  I got told ‘Would I like to be part of it?’ I’m very grateful for it.”

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  1. I believe George’s true love is cooking and the creative side of cooking. His true love is not making money and hence don’t believe he would have deliberately ripped his staff off. He would not personally be paying the bills or salaries. He would have relied on others to do that. He would not have even known there were payment issues.

    1. It’s something that happens often on the show Undercover Boss, in which there was also an Australian version on Network 10 (Undercover Boss Australia) where the manager is not aware of these sort of issues until they go undercover to the subordinate levels. It shows that there can be too much reliance or dependence on subordinate staff to work properly.

  2. He rectified the situation. Everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t agree with this too soon approach, who decides what time frame he is to be forgiven in. Having said that, his singing was average🤣🤣🤣

  3. definitely too soon. He should be able to move on with his own life, but there shouldn’t be any presumption that society will forgive to the point where they would be pleased to see him on a show like this.

  4. Done the ‘crime’ and paid the cost. About time people get over the tall poppy bashing. there were many of his staff that stayed with him till the very end and people forget he was a figure head in to a bigger business and yes and agreed should never have happened however do we see the likes of the head of Bunnings or Coles or many other major and smaller companies totally out of there business. Colombaris is a major talent in the cooking world and should be able to get on with it.

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