Logie Awards cancelled a second time

Logies are postponed a second time -and the knock-on effect sees shows miss out altogether.

TV Week has announced the Logie Awards have been postponed for a second time due to the ongoing COVID crisis.

The 2020 awards were originally cancelled with a reschedule date of November 28 on the Gold Coast.

Fiona Connolly, Group Publisher, Are Media said: “We are disappointed to have to cancel this year’s TV Week Logie Awards after charging ahead with plans to return for a bigger than ever event on the Gold Coast this November. Unfortunately, our current COVID cases and travel restrictions leave us no choice.  But we will return to Queensland mid 2022 and promise the TV Week Logie Awards will bring an overdue and deserved night of glamour, celebration and recognition of Australia’s outstanding television industry.”

With the Awards postponed last year and cancelled this year the eligibility period for the 2022 TV Week Logie Awards will be from 1st January, 2021 through to 31st March, 2022.

Last held in mid 2019, this effectively sees a backlog of potential nominees across 2019 and 2020 now historically removed from eligibility.

A date for a 2022 event will be confirmed later.

Meanwhile the Screen Forever conference, also to be held in November at The Star on the Gold Coast was also pushed back to late March 2022.

Should the Logies have held a virtual event to award 2019 / 2020 shows?

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39 Responses

  1. Just goes to prove the total lack of imagination of the executives at TV week and the networks.

    Mushroom produced ‘Music From The Home Front” last year in minimal time, and produced a stunning result.

  2. Deplorable!
    I’ve been trying to think of any positives all weekend and am struggling. The longer the gap, the less relevant they become. Sadly another nail in the coffin. TV Week had all but given up on them years ago, when the gold winner was relegated to a corner of the cover, which was taken up by someone from ‘Home & Away’.
    At least we could still have the AACTAs, but even that telecast has been more a showcase of Channel 7 talent (when aired on that station)
    Love Johnson’s idea.
    Longtime Logie voter, supporter and viewer

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