Masked Singer viewers are not mind readers…

Clues aren't much help if they aren't in the public domain.

Last night singer Ben Lee was uncovered as The Professor on 10 singing show The Masked Singer.

None of the guessing panel had tipped him.

But who could blame them when some clues are, arguably, beyond obscure.

One of the clue’s offered by the show: “Knowledge you don’t find at university.”

That Answer was revealed as: “He didn’t go to University; Mother told him ‘Uni will always be there.'”

Hang on. If this was a conversation between mother and son, honestly how is the audience supposed to work that out?

Even Google had no idea:

Surely the fun in the show is in public domain clues that can be paid off by those clever enough to add them together.

Last year cricketer Michael Bevan was revealed as the Hammerhead with such vague clues as Clarke having passing Kylie Minogue in a hotel hallway… not even her own sister on the panel appeared to know that one.

Keep the clues real, guys.

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  1. I love the clues being obscure I love not knowing and being surprised by the reveal, I hate everyone guessing correctly on social media. The show is basically a game show and I love it when it’s truly a great surprise as it is this year! And it’s only the sports person I didn’t know so far. There have been great celebrities so far especially the first Vinnie Jones wow!

  2. Dave isn’t taking it seriously hence his stupid guesses. I mean Greta? Kylie??

    At least Jackie and Danni are taking it seriously and not trying to be comedians like Dave and Ursula are. And yes I purposely spelt her name wrong because I can’t stand her.

  3. But according to the Masked Singer Facebook page a lot of people knew Ben Lee was Professor by his voice alone. But I’m loving The Masked Singer and love the clues and it’s just fun to guess who’s under the mask.

  4. Osher needs to stop yelling and get rid of Hughesy & Urzila and I’ll start watching it again. The show doesn’t need comedians, get some other judges that are going to take it seriously like Jackie & Dannii do.

  5. Totally agree. The clues are so ambiguous and obscure this year and when you actually try and fact check, nothing really comes up. That mind reader thing last night too….just NO! The one major gripe i have with the show though is Dave Hughes. He needs to go. He is honestly ruining it everytime he opens his mouth. He is not funny and Its just a joke. Also Osher, you need to stop yelling mate. Honestly though, i’ve found this years masks the hardest to pick and i’m usually pretty cluey. I got quite a few last year but this year i couldn’t tell you most of them. Em Rusciano is the only other one bar Ben Lee (revealed last night) who i am 99% confident on.

  6. This makes two celebrities I have never heard of before .The panel say so and so is in australia at the moment but how are we to know that,and Urzilas clues are stupendously beyond belief.

  7. Good points. I hardly pay attention to the clues as they’re often too oblique to be of any use.

    I didn’t even know that this was on last night. What are 10 thinking? Are they so eager to burn off one of their few solid performers by playing this three nights a week (not to mention viewer fatigue as already evidenced by dwindling numbers)? Do they have more panel shows in the can that they want to further saturate their schedule with? Utterly bonkers. If not for the fact that I was browsing the EPG, I would have gone into tonight’s episode scratching my head. I did catch the 1.00pm repeat though.

    The producers could also cut the fluff (“mind reader”, anyone?) and focus more on extending the performances (which typically run for a modest 90-ish seconds) or include more performers like they do in the US version (with some debuting a few weeks in). Frequent innuendo from one of the panelists could also be off-putting for families. I can’t see this being renewed beyond 2022.

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