PAW Patrol guests on The Masked Singer

Sunday will feature two celebrities unmasked -one of whom is an "international star."

PAW Patrol’s very own Rubble will step onto The Masked Singer stage on Sunday night as a guest performer.

Sunday’s episode will feature two celebrities unmasked -one of whom is an “international star.”

And are we finally ready to unmask Schapelle Corby as Lightning yet please?

That’s my other guess.

7:30pm Sunday on 10.

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  1. Just for a bit of fun David, I really think you are wrong with the Shapelle Corby guess lol The body shape seems all wrong to me and I just don’t think she could sing that good ! On the other hand I am hopeless at guessing but will have a go at Samantha Jade ! Kids will love seeing Paw Patrol I am sure.

    1. It’s all a bit of fun – that we all could use given current events. But in answer to your question, I guess people that read and/or and leave comments on a story titled “PAW Patrol guests on The Masked Singer” do.

      I question the use of “international” – could be a very clever ploy to make people think that it’s another celebrity from overseas…it could just be an Australian celebrity that’s known internationally. If that’s the case, then any Australian celebrity that’s known in New Zealand does fit that brief.

  2. I like the idea of once-off guest appearances to help break the monotony and cut the fluff, especially as the show tries harder and harder to draw out the show with fewer participants. Plus, this would enable higher profile guests to appear on the show who may not be able to commit to a full season (or otherwise expect too much dosh).

  3. So it’s a paid cross promotion with a celebrity that they could only contract for a single episode, most likely one of the stars of the 2021 movie. So looking at IMDB it will either be Tyler Perry, Jimmy Kimmel (hardly because of talk show commitments), Dax Shepard or Randall Park

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