Q+A: Sept 30

David Speers hosts a panel tackling the vexed issue of mandatory vax.

David Speers hosts Q+A live from Melbourne this week as the panel tackles the vexed issue of mandatory vax.

Australians are turning out in record numbers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. If current rates continue, 70% of Australia’s adult population should be fully vaccinated by late October. So how do we navigate the next stage of the pandemic and is mandatory vaccination the way forward for a country divided by lockdowns and border closures?

Businesses are eyeing long-awaited roadmaps out of lockdown and some employers are being abused after stating they’ll only accept fully vaccinated patrons. Should specific industries have the right to expect that workers and customers are fully vaccinated or will this create a two-tiered society? And as a new report highlights serious delays in rolling out the vaccine to people with disabilities, are vulnerable groups being left behind?

In other news, the Prime Minister has returned from a week of high-level international diplomacy to find growing discontent within Government ranks on the issue of a net-zero emissions target by 2050. The Business Council wants the Federal Government to embrace the target, however National Party MPs are divided. What does this mean for Australia’s involvement in the upcoming COP26 climate talks in Glasgow?

Joining David Speers on the panel:

Jennifer Westacott, CEO, Business Council of Australia
Sally McManus, Secretary, ACTU
Simon Longstaff, Executive Director, The Ethics Centre
Dinesh Palipana, Emergency doctor and disability advocate
Bruce Keebaugh, Founder, The Big Group

8:30pm Thursday on ABC.

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