Returning: Nurses

Factual series returns to Seven in a new slot.

Factual series Nurses returns to Seven in a new slot this week, after being rested while SAS Australia launched.

It’s back at 8:30pm Thursday (but it isn’t clear if this is the finale).

The discovery of a lesion shatters the hopes of a young man on life support as he waits for a lung transplant. Nurses Yoon and Darren need to act quickly to save the life of a bariatric patient.

It will be followed by UK true crime doco, Rose West And Myra Hindley: Untold Story at 9:30pm.

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  1. Thanks David, was worried 7 weren’t going to air the rest. I was airlifted to St Vincent’s ICU last year and the nurses there are simply phenomenal, they made a really miserable situation bearable and the fact that I have positive memories of that time is entirely down to them. Have been avidly watching and am so pleased they are getting the recognition they deserve.

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