Sunrise apologises after Thomas Markle Sr. comments

Seven forced to apologise after live interview went rogue making "wild and unfounded allegations."

Sunrise has been forced to issue an apology following comments made yesterday by Thomas Markle Sr. in a Live interview.

This morning David Koch told viewers, “On yesterday’s program in a live interview, Thomas Markle Sr., not uncharacteristically went a bit rogue, making some pretty wild and unfounded allegations, including against Dylan Howard, an Australian journalist now living and working in the US, and Jeff Rayner, a Los Angeles-based photographer.

“Seven did not intend for such allegations to be broadcast and has subsequently removed them from all versions of the program,” said Natalie Barr.

“We would like to apologise to those gentlemen named by Mr Markle that the allegations went to air.”

“We did promise an unfiltered interview with Thomas Markle….” said Koch. “In retrospect maybe we should have put a filter on him.”

It’s unclear if the interview also contributed to Sunrise losing viewers, with yesterday’s episode defeated by Today for the first time in 3 years.

Meanwhile Seven is proceeding with Thomas Markle Jr., half brother of Meghan Markle, in Big Brother VIP, due in coming weeks.

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  1. Funny because you had no problems broadcasting the allegations that Meghan was bullying staff (which have since been rescinded, meaning they were false) without proof. So really what you’re saying is that it’s ok to already unchecked allegations against a black woman but not white men. You’re only apologising because Thomas didn’t stick to your narrative and let slip what we’ve all known for a long time, the royal family and bullshit programs like yours have an agenda against Meghan for no reason.
    For such a multicultural country that preaches acceptance as part of our culture, it’s disgusting and sad that our media have treated Meghan the way it has. It’s really exposed a lot of racial bias in our press. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Just like when they signed up that anti-vaxxer for BB and had to backtrack, 7 just really scrape the bottom of the barrel in the hope it might create scandal and headlines, and then act surprised when it backfires. They’re not fooling anybody.

  3. I 110% agree to Elle’s comment.
    Channel 7 stop featuring Thomas Markle.
    We’re not interested to know about his family problem. (Irrelevent content)
    Sunrise, please feature more informative and helpful content to your viewers. Anything that make your viewers feel good.

  4. “Not uncharacteristically went a bit rogue” Everyone at Sunrise knew that Markle Snr would say wild & controversial things – that’s why they had him on the show. To put on a shocked face when an apology is required is disingenuous at best. They put him on hoping that he would say wild things about his daughter and her family, which could have potential to create headlines and plenty of clickbait for them. I couldn’t be more pleased that it backfired and ratings reflected this.

    1. They’re apologising because his story doesn’t fit their narrative any more. He’s let slip what we’ve all known for a while and that’s that their is a racial agenda against Meghan by the press and palace. These two had no problem repeating the now proven false allegations of Meghan being a bully without any proof but suddenly it’s not ok because it’s about two white men? These people and shows are an embarasment to our country. A place that we’re proud is filled with lots of ethnicities and cultures.

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