“That was a big one”: 5.8 tremor rocks Victoria

News Breakfast presenters Michael Rowland & Tony Armstrong were in the studio when a tremor hit this morning.

News Breakfast presenters Michael Rowland and Tony Armstrong were in the ABC studio when an earth tremor hit Victoria this morning.

Reports claim a magnitude 5.8 tremor originated in the regional town of Mansfield, about 2.5 hours from Melbourne by road.

The shock happened at about 9.15am and was felt as far as Canberra and Sydney.

News.com.au reports a second shock was reported close to the Mansfield epicentre about 15 minutes after the first one.

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  1. I was sitting on the couch, having breakfast, watching tv news, and there was a very loud rumble under my couch, and then it shook, and the bookcase nearby shook, and threw things on the floor. A few other things shook. Power was out in some houses in my street (restored quickly). It was scary. This is the 3rd I’ve been in during my life (59 years). Glad no one was hurt.

  2. This is insane! I literally got up out of bed about five minutes before the earthquake hit! The noise the quake was making was unbelievable! Luckily, I have had basic training in Emergency Management and I had managed to take cover underneath my lounge room coffee table during the quake. One of the most freakiest 30-ish seconds of my life! Be aware of aftershocks Victorians and make sure y’all stay safe!

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