#10Upfronts 2022: live blog

10ViacomCBS 2022 Upfronts presentation took place this afternoon. Here's how it unfolded.


Live Blog: 10ViacomCBS 2022 Upfronts presentation is now underway to media buyers and advertisers.

Announcements today will span 10 and multichannels and Paramount+.

This blog updates with info as you hit refresh!

  • Narelda Jacobs pays respects to traditional owners
  • Jonathan LaPaglia welcomes us to 1 hr presentation and names the execs who will all be in showreels. “Who will outwit, outlast and outplay in content?”
  • “Our audience has grown, our revenue share has grown,” says Executive Vice President of ViacomCBS ANZ Jarrod Villani.
  • Presenters for ET USA refer to Rod Prosser’s carpool karaoke vision from last year. It’s a showbiz introduction to 10’s Chief Sales Officer. He also refers to diversity, inclusion, equality and “contributing to a better society.” He notes A-League is now equal, having ditched W League name (noted!). There’s also talk about indigenous work within the company, and a “no diversity, no commission” policy. Carbon neutrality also gets a mention. “Our audience is progressive, highly social,” he observes.
  • Now onto the spending capacity of 10 viewers, the age of younger audience, the power of BVOD and co-viewing.
  • Rod talks about real time solutions for advertisers, around pricing etc. Happy Hour on 10 Play will showcase a brand linking to an ad-free viewing hour. “Perfect for a product launch to build brand awareness.”
  • Promote Oz / USA will give buyers some international exposure. Still no karaoke song?
  • Nickelodeon theme parks and hotels (not in Oz), MTV Unplugged.. part of global powerhouse.
  • Now onto Lisa Squillace, national sales director. We are drilling down further into sales campaigns for advertisers. No content as yet.
  • Liz Baldwin head of streaming, talks 10 Play and the add-on shows such as Talking Tribal, Behind the Mask and international titles.
  • Onto Paramount+. Five Bedrooms S3. Spreadsheet. Couples Therapy is coming in a local version. Last King of the Cross, John Ibrahim drama. 6 Festivals local film. Reality series The Bridge gets Aussie adaptation.  
  • Daniel Monaghan SVP Content and Programming, 10 ViacomCBS, talks about international titles on P+. Dexter is day and date in November. Halo in Q1 (finally?) and elaborates more on local commissions including Couples Therapy, Last King of the Cross and The Bridge …”if you love Survivor you will love The Bridge.”
  • A showreel of 10 local shows for 2021 of “well established favourites alongside noisy newcomers.”
  • I’m A Celebrity is back on Jan 3. Cue Julia & the Doctor teasing “hair raising challenges.” Aww no musical number this year?
  • Australian Survivor: Blood v Water follows in Q1 with new + returning faces.
  • MasterChef Australia: Foodies v Favourites sees Julie Goodwin back. 12 returning faces vs newbies. Alvin, Sarah Todd also back.
  • Onto The Project. A quick word from hosts. “We are so glad to have you back from QAnon” Pete Helliar tells Hamish Macdonald.
  • Hunted Australia is coming in Q3, based on UK series. Filmed 24/7 over 21 days in Melbourne.
  • First Dates is moving from Seven to 10 in 2022.
  • Would I Lie to You gets a local adaptation. Host Chrissie Swan will direct two teams – captained by comedians Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley.
  • Now Beverley McGarvey Executive Vice President of ViacomCBS ANZ announces the FA Cup for 10 / Paramount+.
  • A showreel of all the football codes 10  / P+ has the rights to: Socceroos, Matildas, A-League, FA Cup etc.
  • Onto sport F1, Melbourne Cup, basketball etc.
  • Bev thanks advertisers for their support and looks forward to seeing everyone in person next year.
  • A plug for The Bachelorette tonight.
  • Now a reel of all the shows across platforms with Bjork soundtrack “Oh So Quiet.”
  • And you’re wondering about local drama right? Neighbours on 10 Peach, a bit more explanatory in the full slate story, but it’s definitely light on.
  • We’ve wrapped early at 1:22. If you’re wondering about shows not yet mentioned, please see full post.


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  1. The Bridge is interesting. C4 did one in the UK here and the overall concept was quite interesting but they completely ruined the show by throwing in far too many unnecessary twists and barely showing any of the actual bridge building. Hopefully Paramount learn from that.

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