Airdate: Big Brother: VIP

12 celebrities enters Seven's reality hotel, on Monday week.

Seven has confirmed a premiere for Big Brother: VIP on Monday November 1st.

Sonia Kruger returns as host.

Twelve VIPs are taking a vacation from their celebrity lives and checking into an experience like no other at Big Brother’s first-ever luxury hotel, where they will receive rock star treatment with a Big Brother twist. They may all be stars, but only one winner will walk away with $100,000 for their nominated charity. Who wins? You decide.

Bernard Curry – Actor
Caitlyn Jenner – Olympian and Political Candidate
Danny Hayes – Big Brother 2021 Favourite
Dayne Beams – Former AFL Captain
Ellie Gonsalves – Actress and Model
Imogen Anthony – Fashion Designer and Model
Jessika Power – Reality TV Star
Josh Carroll – Model and Content Creator
Luke Toki – Reality TV Fan Favourite
Matt Cooper – NRL Superstar
Omarosa – Political Aide and Author
Thomas Markle Jr. – Famous Big Brother

7:30pm Monday November 1st on Seven.

8 Responses

  1. Hi David! So how many episodes of this special series?

    I loved Big Brother this year. Just can’t get enough of this show… just wish it was back to being live. And daily episodes. Bring on next years season!

    1. Well 2020 was 39 days and 20 eps, 2021 was 63 days and 30 eps. I think it’s safe to assume the number of episodes is about half the number of days to account for 2 day per episode. With 22 days we probably can presume 10-12 episodes. Maybe 3 weeks of 3 eps finding with a finale, or more likely 4 weeks of 3 eps finishing with a finale.

  2. Admittedly, I don’t follow Football – but I don’t know any of them !
    Till the promo – i didn’t know, there was a Markel half brother (Pa-thetic reason to claim for Very Important Person-ness)
    An the Kadesion father – Again, a relative of Famous People – & Again a sad reason of VIP-ness.
    No reasons, to intrigue me to watch it

    1. While I have no interest in watching this show myself and also find the term VIP hilarious, saying that Caitlyn Jenner is a nobody is a bit of a stretch. Bruce Jenner was famous in their own right prior to marrying a Kardashian – Bruce won gold at the 1976 Olympics and is also one of the most famous people in the world to transition.

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