Airdate: Hellbound

Otherworldly beings appear out of nowhere to condemn individuals to hell in a new South Korean horror.

Well this looks fun…

Korean horror drama Hellbound will screen on Netflix in November.

The story centres around otherworldly beings who appear out of nowhere to condemn individuals to hell and a religious group that grows in influence.

But not everybody is a believer…

Unbelievable demonstrations of hell take place in the middle of Seoul right in front of crowds. Mysterious beings condemn individuals to be hellbound, and otherworldly beings appear exactly at the specified time to kill the condemned in a brutal burning. Rising above the utter chaos resulting from these inexplicable supernatural occurrences is the commanding voice of Jung Jinsu, the leader of an up-and-coming religious organization, The New Truth. He claims that only sinners are marked for condemnation and that these occurrences represent divine will to make humans righteous. A group of his followers with blind faith, the Arrowhead, take into their own hands the punishment of those who go against the divine will. The world becomes a living hell.

Min Hyejin, a lawyer, challenges Chairman Jung by claiming the demonstrations of hell to be simply supernatural occurrences. She joins forces with the few who try to protect the hellbound and return the world to the realm of humans, not gods. They go up against the chaos instigated by The New Truth.

Friday November 19 on Netflix.

Horror themes.

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  1. What a truly odd scenario-I would think that this reflects much that is pretty specific to South Korean culture, especially the prevalence of large cult religions eg the Moonies, even more so than the US!

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