Airdate: SAS Australia: Hell Week

Updated: Short-burst series sees 'everyday Australians' subjected to a 'week of hell' endurance tests.

4 part series SAS Australia: Hell Week begins next Monday on Seven in which non-celebrities will face new challenges set by Ant Middleton and his DS team.

The short-burst series was filmed earlier this year with ‘everyday Australians’ subjected to a ‘week of hell’ endurance tests.

The case includes:

Bassim, 32 – Bodybuilder
Beck, 33 – Youth worker
Gary, 44 – Ex-Federal Police
Isabella, 25 – Rapper
James, 30 – Holistic health coach
James, 29 – Dancer
Kellie, 27 – Teacher
Kirsten, 24 – Mineworker
Lena, 42 – Fashion designer
Lisa, 27 – Influencer
Luke, 31 – Tradie
Mitch, 22 – Surfer
Sandy, 35 – Stay-at-home mum
Sarah, 25 – Dating coach

Seven is currently shooting a new SAS Australia series with celebrities for 2022, which includes two new DS instructors.

7:30pm Monday on Seven, continues Tuesday and concludes the following week.


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  1. I love the celebrity version as you really get to know them, unlike many other celebrity shows. There’s also a curiosity factor about some of them. Not knowing who they are to begin with will be a different spin, but I don’t see that as a negative.

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