Airdate: Stage Changers

iWonder Original doco tells the story of a WA actors, directors & producers as they strive to put on the performance of their lives.

This October iwonder casts a light on the theatre and performance art scene in Australia, with the exclusive premiere of Stage Changers.

The doco tells the story of a group of Western Australia-based actors, directors and producers as they strive to put on the performance of their lives.

An iwonder Original – supported by Screen Australia – Stage Changers follows the journey of The Last Great Hunt, a Western Australia-based group of young, passionate theatre makers who find themselves presented with an opportunity that could change their lives forever.

With a reputation for producing distinctive small-scale studio work, an influential company in the UK invites the group to pitch a large-scale performance that would see them go from making theatre for audiences of 100 people, to making a show that plays to more than 1,000 people a night.

With the Perth Festival joining the list of those interested in hosting the performance, The Last Great Hunt look to be on course to take their productions to the next level, before funding challenges and the health of the group’s creative director threaten to stop the show from ever reaching the stage.

This group of aspirational Australian artists has always been driven by hopes and dreams, but in the end, will dreams be enough?

Thursday October 28th on iwonder.

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