Anastacia wins The Masked Singer 2021

"I really, really miss singing," says Vampire as a big international star takes out 10 singing title.

US pop star Anastacia was unmasked as Vampire and crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2021.

The “I’m Outta Love” singer, correctly guessed by Jackie O. and Dannii Minogue, was the second international singer for the 10 series this year following from Macy Gray (Atlantis).

She defeated singers Em Rusciano aka Dolly, correctly guessed by Minogue, and Axle Whitehead aka Mullet, correctly guessed by Jackie O.

Anastacia said of her decision to take on the 10 series, “The industry is completely frozen. That is just what our reality is as performers. We have no stages to go on. We can’t have crowds. I understand that because I want to keep people safe. But I miss doing my job and I really, really miss singing.

“So this was just such a beautiful get-out-of-jail free card.”

Runner-up Em Rusciano echoed similar sentiments.

“I haven’t been able to sing live in 18 months. I am a live performer so this has been magic. It’s put all the magic back into my blood. This has been the best experience of my life, my professional life,” she said.

Third-placed Mullet said of performing as Mullet, “It has been such a blast to get in touch with my inner bogan and be able to just take him on. What a character!”

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  1. I may be deaf, but I watched this for the clues. I know who Anastacia is, and was surprised to read some comments on social media that they have never heard of her. Hilarious!

  2. I would have to say that this is the worst series of TMS. The celebs (for the most part) were unrecognizable when the masks came off and Osher’s shouting is over the top. Ratings reflected the poor casting choices, I’d say.

  3. I thought it was pretty good, well produced but a little padded out timewise. I did not know any of the final three contestants but I imagine that is my problem as they seemed to have name recognition with quite a few people.
    Happy to see another season but the un-named host really needs to ease back on the shouting – modern televisions usually have pretty good speakers.

  4. Congratulations to Anastacia/Vampire and well done to Dolly/Em Rusciano and Mullet/Axle Whitehead. Absolutely loved this season of The Masked Singer and can’t wait for next season.

  5. The biggest performance was by Osher. What was with him yelling all night? Surely, after so many years of hosting programs, he would realise he doesn’t need to yell when he has a microphone in his hand??

    1. Agreed. I wasn’t really tuned in at all to this season, but the snippets I did see were a complete turn-off. Especially in the wake of the couple of really excellent documentary efforts this year.

  6. If the idea of this show is to keep the identities of the singers a mystery, then casting Anastacia was a fatal mistake, simply because her incredible voice is instantly recognisable.

  7. it was such a fun season. I love seeing 10 invest in some well known names such as Anastacia, Macy Grey and Vinnie Jones. the “who” comments from people give me a good laugh. like the measure of celebrity is if old mate Joe from down the road has heard of someone. all in all I give the season a solid 8. Hopefully more big name celebs show up in other 10 shows. Hopefully it will be back next season.

    1. Osher did say on twitter that he thought he recognized Em’s ‘mid-word sobbing’ from his Idol days when she started crying last night.

      Axle was on season 1 but didn’t make the top 12, Em was on season 2 and did make the top 12.

  8. This is a fun show for all ages, the production that goes into the performances is great. I personally haven’t missed the show not having an audience in the studio, it it the type of show that can get away with it.
    It was great they were able to get a couple of overseas artist in Macy Gray and Anastasia have been listening to them both this morning while working away.

  9. Darn it Mullet didn’t win but I loved the final. Wasn’t long enough for me. Great fun performances from everyone involved. Hope next season Osher turns down the yelling a few notches and Danni calms down with the squealling at every act. Love Masked Singer !

  10. Damn ! Was convinced Mullet was Shannon Noll – so many clues pointed to him.
    Have really enjoyed this season of TMS.
    A bit of light hearted fun, especially during these times.
    Not a fan of the OTT yelling and squealing by Osher and a couple of the judges though.

    1. This would be the case with many of The Masked Singer contestants. The younger generations might not know them though they are well-known with the middle-aged and over generations. It gives the opportunity for younger people to discover these singers and their back catalogues or achievements like as if they are new or re-emerging artists on the scene or music charts.

      Very nice to see Anastacia winning, who is an inspiration to many. Just to see her still pursuing her career despite the setbacks was worth seeing.

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