Axed: Y: The Last Man

US sci-fi is culled before its first season has even concluded.

Y: The Last Man has been axed by FX, before its first season has even concluded.

Showrunner Eliza Clark confirmed on Twitter:

Y: The Last Man screens in Australia on Binge & Foxtel. A finale is due in early November.

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  1. Oh wow! An adaption that misses the point of the original material and is changed to push the social/political agendas didn’t turn out successful. What a surprise. I am shocked.

    Oh well Hollywood, onto the next attempt at tackling adaptations like this.

  2. Uh oh, I think Eliza Clark is making a political statement here, TV shows get cancelled all the time. Personally I didn’t mind Y:The Last Man but I could quickly see it didn’t have quite enough story depth to become a four or five season series, especially if a single male, and a not very likable or empathic single male at that, is the supporting act, there’s only so far a gender specific storyline can carry itself unless it is set in a prison, and this show wasn’t really complimentary to women anyway portraying women as still at a loss maintaining and controlling a developed society without the influence and practical input of males.

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