Do network staff have to be vaccinated?

Here's how Seven, Nine and 10 are moving forward with rules for staff.

As restrictions are lifting around the country and the nation surpasses 70% double vaccination, what are the rules for broadcast network staff?

It varies from state to state, and network to network.


Jarrod Villani, Executive Vice President of ViacomCBS ANZ told TV Tonight, “Throughout the entire pandemic we’ve followed the government guidelines. We’ve probably taken a more conservative approach in terms of how many people we’ve allowed back into the building. Technically speaking, virtually all of our workforce could have probably been exempt under the under the guidelines in the various states from time to time.

“But in Sydney at the moment, for example, it’s really only those that are broadcast critical: journalists, producers, broadcast operations teams, which are coming into the building. So we’ll continue to follow the government guidelines as we have done throughout this.”


James Warburton recently told Mediaweek: “We have not mandated vaccinations at all. We did a survey asking the staff and 75% supported mandatory vaccination and 93% intended to or already had been vaccinated. Many of the production companies we work with demand it as do the studios we work with. You can’t go on sets etc unless you are double vaxed.”


From December 1st all Sydney employees must be vaccinated to enter North Sydney headquarters (also home to Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review). Rules vary based according to state regulations.

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