Final 5 for SAS Australia

Jana Pittman is the last woman standing as Seven reality series reaches its finale.

5 celebrities are left in the final challenges of SAS Australia: Dan Ewing, 35; Jana Pittman, 38; John Steffensen, 38; Mark Philippoussis, 44; and Sam Burgess, 32.

Last night Jana Pittman became the first female to successfully complete the Ladder Troop Extraction.

Travelling on a high speed Zodiac, the 5 had to dive into the water and swim against the hazardous downdraft of a chopper to a flimsy ladder, before hauling themselves up a terrifying 15 metre climb, in just 90 seconds without the safety of a harness.

Next was a merciless 2 kilometre assault course featuring several obstacles on water and land.

Forced to do lap after lap, the DS called an end to the task after Jana Pittman reached her limit and collapsed, telling the medic she was “super dizzy” and seeing spots. Asthma sufferer John Steffensen also went down and needed to be treated with oxygen.

As the recruits made their way back to camp, their car was ‘hijacked’ by armed hostiles, who hooded and bound them …all part of their quest to pass SAS ‘selection.’

Following tonight’s final episode, all 18 participants return for a ‘Debrief’ episode on Wednesday.

Seven also SAS Australia: Hell Week coming and is currently shooting a new season for 2022.

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