Health update on Denise Drysdale

TV legend is making steady progress as she battles chronic pain condition.

Studio 10 this morning had an update on the health of showbiz legend Denise Drysdale as she battles Trigeminal Neuralgia -a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal or 5th cranial nerve.

Her son Peter told hosts Sarah Harris, Tristan MacManus & Angela Bishop, she was making improvements thanks to acupuncture.

“A couple of weeks ago, we were really scared. We had no idea about the problems with this disease and were completely worried. We’ve since been doing high intensity acupuncture… the impact’s been great. She’s been responding really well to it,” he said.

“Mum likened it to a shocking pain right in the back of her eyes, sending like electric shocks. It comes in waves. Little triggers like being on the phone, texting, laughing …anything where she needs to use her brain, has sent these terrible debilitating pains.

“We’ve been in the car and had to stop the car completely to a standstill and just wait for these waves to come through. They’ve sort of dissipated now. These great guys at our acupuncturist are only open three days a week but have been opening every day to help her out until she got to a point where they could ease her off.”

Despite the challenges, Gold Coast-based Ding Dong still has her sense of humour.

“She did say that she thought she had come to face with death but just realised it was a reflection in the mirror,” he joked.

“She’s still got all her gags and makes fun of the situation that she’s in.”

Get well soon!


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  1. The original story mentioned Trigeminal Neuralgia? As a long term sufferer of Trigeminal Neuralgia I don’t wish that pain on anyone. Whether Denise is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia or Fibromyalgia like this story suggests, I wish her well ❤

      1. Thanks so much for updating the story. It really means a lot to those of us with this rare condition and awareness means everything. I wish Denise well and I hope she doesn’t suffer long term ❤

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