“It’s been a ball”: Nine farewells ‘Sterlo’

Peter Sterling wraps three decades with Nine's NRL team.

Peter ‘Sterlo’ Sterling signed off with Nine yesterday wrapping three decades with the network’s NRL team.

Sterling made his final appearance on the Sunday Footy Show, on Grand Final day. He told the panel his presenting role never felt like work.

“I’ve got to thank this network. They took a punt on me 30 years ago and i don’t think either of us thought it would last that long. But here we are,” he said.

After a highlights montage he thanked cast and crew.

He added, “I can’t promise I’m going to watch this every week. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be getting out of bed most Sundays about this time. But I will be keeping an eye close enough to ensure that you don’t ever say from now on ‘The Battle of the Big Cats the Battle of the beaches…. debutantes.’ But you can say ‘Crescendo’ as often as you like. So thank you very much. It’s been a ball. I’ll miss you all, but I’ll be watching from a distance.”

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