Ratings stoush as gloves come off.

Seven CEO and ex Network 10 CEO James Warburton has hit out at his former network.

While networks put on a united front for the new Total TV Ratings, rivalry is alive and well.

Seven CEO and ex Network 10 CEO James Warburton has hit out at his former network.

In an article around ratings analysis and explanation he didn’t hold back.

“10 are stuffed,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald. “They are a streaming company now. The fact they didn’t ever bother to attempt to bid for the NRL shows exactly where their priorities are.”

The comments come at a time when networks are disputing claims around ratings victories and trends.

There has been conjecture over 10’s claims of Under 50s success (it’s not an official demo), while Nine was unhappy around Seven’s boasts that it was winning “any way you cut the year” (Nine leads on  25-54s, 16-39s in survey without the Olympics).

“10 ViacomCBS continues to make very significant investments in all content across all our platforms. Our balance sheet allows us to take advantage of short-term tactical opportunities whilst maintaining a long-term vision,” a 10 spokesperson said.

“While we are disappointed to hear senior industry leaders speak about our business in a disrespectful manner, we wish all our competitors well.”

Seven leads the survey year on Total People with or without the Olympics and will be hard to unseat.

The end of survey is now just 5 weeks away.

You can read more analysis here.

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  1. Its funny, in that linked article they talk about one-off events but in essence isn’t that what every telemovie is? Every game of sport, every episode of a tv show, every movie. Oh and here’s one, every concert fundraiser. That was huge why wasn’t it excluded? It was a once off. Like for example even the Australian Open, a game of cricket and others can be seen as a one off event because even though it happens every year, there are always different matches with different outcomes each and every time because no match is the same. Yeah we get same matchups sometimes but also the Olympics happen every 4 which means its not a once off but is seen that way? It’s a once off event that happens and each time a different result. I honestly don’t understand why they exclude Olympics, Commonwealth Games etc. They should always be included. There should be no exclusions, period.

    1. I tend to agree. Added to that, increasingly networks are securing multiple years so for seven, it’s the Summer and Winter Olympics (so every two years); I get that Winter Olympics tend to rate less but even so, the notion that it is special event when it is more or less every other year, is wearing a little thin.

  2. Blind Freddy can see that streaming is the way things are headed (maybe less impct for Seven and their rusted on old crowd). I’d be applauding 10 for seeing the writing on the wall and trying to get ahead of the game.

  3. “10 is a streaming company”

    Is that meant to be an insult?

    Nine, Foxtel & 10 ViacomCBS are all charging into steaming as FTA viewers decline year after year, growing new revenue streams though subs going where the viewers demand content be.

    What is 7 West doing in this area?

    They’re stuffed.

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