Sunrise adds live Queensland bulletins

Tailor-made news by Queensland for Queensland, every 30 minutes.

With Daylight Saving now in effect Sunrise is delivering Queensland viewers live local news bulletins from tomorrow.

This addresses an annual problem in the Sunshine state every time AEDT kicks in.

Queensland correspondent Bianca Stone will deliver the local bulletins live from Seven’s Brisbane headquarters and crosses to reporters, with significant investment in local reporters, producers, camera crews and technicians.

Executive Producer, Michael Pell, said: “Queensland is a market of vital importance to Sunrise. Viewers in the Sunshine State have been loyal to the show for decades. But for six months of the year, the concept of running hour-old, networked news to five million residents, has bothered us.

“This is our solution: Queensland news bulletins, live and local every 30 minutes, made in Queensland, by Queenslanders, for Queenslanders. Viewers will still see the main show and the national headlines. But every half hour, and whenever news is breaking, Queensland will get its own tailor-made coverage. Queensland will see all the rapidly-changing, critical information, first on Sunrise.”

Bianca Stone said: “Right now, it’s never been more important to know what’s happening in your own backyard, your suburb, your city, your state. With information changing by the minute, the only way that news can be delivered is live.”

Natalie Barr, said: “There’s nothing like feeling informed and on top of everything in a world that seems to be changing so much. Our Sunrise Queensland-only news will get your day started right. It’s a game-changer – a dedicated local news service like no other.”

David Kochie added: “Never before has it been more important for our viewers to have instant access to the latest news which affects their lives, no matter their time zone. That’s our commitment – to deliver the best news service wherever you live.”

Live from 5.30am weekdays on Seven.

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  1. Sunrise is just awful with this Qld section of news with Bianca Stone. Nothing is as bad as channel 9, but I always liked to watch the Sunrise channel 7 program 6.30 and 7am news then turn it off.
    It is jarred, and its doesnt flow, and feels like we are being segregated from the rest of Australia…. its horrible. But now its gonna be a battle to even turn it on. It is a dogs breakfast…well said Markyboy.
    Why change such a good format?
    They tried changing it previously with the news on at 15 past the hour, and that clearly sucked….but this is just dreadful. Please change it back.

  2. … you know, back in the sixties I was a studio cameraman on The Today Show at SAS10 Adelaide when the “news” was Noel and Paul reading stories on camera from a copy of The Advertiser, but I could never understand then – or now – what makes people want to get up and turn on the television at that time of the morning !!!

  3. If NSW or Victoria decided not to have daylight saving I’m pretty sure their News would still be live, still it is what it is, Qld doesn’t have any real political or commercial clout in these matters so Brisbane will be treated as an oversized country town who just wont conform to the time zones of the dominant southern states.

  4. I’ve never really got why breakfast and morning shows aren’t just shown live in Brisbane all year.
    Yes, it would mean a 4.30am start, but at the height of summer, the sun rises around that time. I often go running around inner Brisbane shortly after 5am and in summer with the number of people around you would easily be confused for thinking it’s the middle of the day. At any rate, I’m a New Breakfast viewer which is live on the news channel all year.

    1. I agree 100%. I have long argued the same. Why not have the news breakfast programs air live in all capitals (except maybe Perth) and there is little issue presenting live news to most of the country should it be needed. Now that all networks have morning shows that follow, just fill the difference with an hour filler program before midday in QLD or 30 mins in SA. Can still have a local bulletin in a market, but the big selling point is Live news into QLD or SA.

  5. I just don’t see this working. Remember the fiasco that was Ch 10’s Wake Up, with Nuala Hafner reading the local news for each state? It felt like a dog’s breakfast and was a very jarring insertion into the rest of the program. I like to watch a show with a good flow but this just jams a hard interruption into what I’m watching.

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