Vale: JoAnna Cameron

US actress best known for 1970s series The Secrets of Isis, has died.

US actress JoAnna Cameron, best known for 1970s series The Secrets of Isis, has died, aged 70.

Former co-star Joanna Pang Atkins tweeted, “Sad to post that JoAnna Cameron ‘The Mighty Isis’ has flown to heaven. She suffered a stroke and passed away from complications this past Friday. We shared the wonderful lasting experience of making The Secrets of Isis. May she RIP.”

Cameron played Isis / Andrea Thomas on the series for 22 episodes from 1975 – 1976 based on characters from DC Comics, and often appeared alongside Shazam!, who went by the name Captain Marvel in the Show. It screened in the same era as The Adventures of Wonder Woman.

She also appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man, McMillan & Wife, Colombo, Marcus Welby M.D., The Partners, Love American Style, and Switch, retiring in 1980.

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  1. When I saw this straight away I could her voice in my head “Oh Mighty Isis” remember watching this as a kid and Shazam ! great childhood memories. Thank You JoAnna for being a part of so many young kids childhoods RIP.

    1. I heard it too. And I’d forgotten all about her side kick (Joanna Pang – yes, I looked her up on imdb). I wanted to look like her and have her straight hair. And another show where noone noticed that the mighty Isis looked just like Andrea. Just. Like. Her.

  2. I saw this mentioned by Stevie G in the lounge yesterday ,I remember this from when I was 9/10 years old ,Oh mighty Isis ,how things have changed ,a lovely looking woman ,RIP.

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