Was Sam Armytage offered “new” Seven contract?

There's a simple explanation around Sam coming to Farmer Wants a Wife, but mags adopt a different angle.

According to the magazines, Sunrise presenter Natalie Barr is ‘surprised’ that Seven has offered Sam Armytage a new contract after her comment about her comments the TV industry was ‘full of sociopaths and narcissists’.

But is any of it true? Daily Mail quoted Woman’s Day as the story source.

Barr has given no such quotes to any journos, but that hasn’t stopped gossip stories after Seven announced Armytage would be part of Farmer Wants a Wife in 2022.

Armytage, who married Richard Lavender earlier this year, will feature in “Sam’s Choice” segments in which she plays rural matchmaker.

Why? Because, as Seven sources confirmed to TV Tonight, she is still contracted to Seven. That’s about the sum of it.

When she departed Sunrise earlier this year Armytage indicated she still planned to return to television.

Morning Wars make for great copy.

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