Adele: Live In London: Nov 17

Adele music special, hosted by Graham Norton, on Nine next week.

Nine will screen music special Adele: Live In London next Wednesday.

This is separate to a new special Adele: One Night Only which is coming to Seven.

Graham Norton hosts this special performance and must-see interview, as Adele dives deep into the emotions fuelling her songs. With her soul laid bare, Adele opens up about her journey into motherhood and the emotional impact her lyrics had on past relationships.

We’ll see the haunting first ever live performance of ‘Hello’ and ‘When We Were Young’ bring viewers to tears while classics ‘Rolling In The Deep’ and ‘Rumour Has It’ set the room on fire.

From tears to laughter, we see Adele put to bed some of the craziest rumours around as it’s the audiences time to ask questions and in a cheeky heart-warming prank a group of Adele’s biggest fans get the shock of a lifetime in an experience they’ll never forget.

7:30pm Wednesday November 17 on Nine.


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  1. Hi David, Is this really a ‘new music special’ or has it been dusted off the shelf from 2015? The above blurb refers to ‘first ever live performance of ‘Hello’’ (released 2015) and makes no mention of her latest release ‘Easy On Me’.
    Source: adele.fandom.com/wiki/Adele_at_the_BBC
    No doubt, many will watch regardless.

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