Airdate: 4400

US reboot of 2004 sci-fi centres around people who vanished without a trace and no memory of what happened.

Sci-fi reboot 4400 premieres today on Paramount+.

The cast features Brittany Adebumola, Joseph David-Jones, Ireon Roach and TL Thompson.

The original series The 4400 ran for four seasons from 2004 – 2007 and starred Aussies Jacqueline McKenzie & Jenni Baird, Joel Gretsch, Peter Coyote, Billy Campbell and a younger Mahershala Ali.

It premiered in the US last week on The CW.

4,400 overlooked, undervalued and marginalised people who vanished without a trace over the last hundred years, have returned with no memory of what happened and no signs of aging.

As the government races to analyse the potential threat and contain the story, the 4400 grapple with the fact that they have been returned with a few upgrades, and the increased likelihood that they were all brought back for a specific reason.

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  1. The 4400 has played itself out in my opinion, the disappearance theme of the show has been used in the French ‘Les Revenants’ (2012) series and of course in ‘Manifest’ which still continues, resurrection is used in the recent Netflix ‘Katla’ from Iceland and we mustn’t forget ‘The Leftovers’ (which is my favourite, especially the first season). This 4400 reboot has to have some freshness about it or this new series will quickly become another contemporary U.S. studio melodrama.
    Having special powers or augmented abilities and becoming metahuman will also be very familiar stereotype for sci-fi fans.

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