Airdate: Finding Cleo: A Nine News Special

Following good news events in WA, Nine has hurriedly scheduled a news special tonight.

Following good news events in WA, Nine has hurriedly scheduled Finding Cleo: A Nine News Special to screen tonight.

Four-year-old girl Cleo Smith has been found alive and well after vanishing from her family tent in the Blowholes campsite in WA in the early hours of October 16.

Presented by Peter Overton, the special bulletin will recap and assess the developments from the day and bring viewers the very latest in the story that has captivated the nation.

Our cameras will cross live to our team of reporters in WA who will provide updates on every aspect of this story, including what we know about the 36-year-old man from Carnarvon who is now in custody.

It airs at 8:40pm tonight on Nine.

This bumps Love Island to 9:10pm with Botched out of the schedule.

Statement from Deputy Commissioner Col Blanch:

It’s my privilege to announce that in the early hours of this morning, the Western Australia Police Force rescued Cleo Smith.

Cleo is alive and well.

A Police team broke their way into a locked house in Carnarvon about 1am.

They found little Cleo in one of the rooms.

One of the officers picked her up into his arms and asked her ‘what’s your name?’

She said – ‘My name is Cleo’ Cleo was reunited with her parents a short time later.

This is the outcome we all hoped and prayed for.

It’s the outcome we’ve achieved because of some incredible police work.

I want to thank Cleo’s parents, the Western Australian community and the many volunteers.

And of course, I want to thank my colleagues in the Western Australia Police Force.

I can confirm we have a man from Carnarvon in custody who is currently being questioned by detectives.

We’ll have more to say on the rescue of Cleo as the day unfolds.

For now – Welcome home Cleo.

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  1. I was in the gym and saw this telecast of Cleo being found alive. I was very happy that Cleo was found safe after missing for about 2.5 weeks.

  2. I’m in QLD, and this morning I heard this wonderful news on the radio at 6:15am. I immediately turned on the TV but of course there was no coverage because it’s delayed by one hour into QLD. Sunrise then broke it at 6:30 with their live local news, then switched to live coverage. I turned over to Today to check what they were doing and they had switched to live programming too, with a big Today logo covering where the clock usually is, whereas on Sunrise they superimposed a QLD time clock over the bottom right.

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