Could You Survive on the Breadline?: Dec 1

This week Julie Goodwin, Caleb Bond & Jenny Leong try to find work and survive on an irregular pay-packet.

The final episode of Could You Survive on the Breadline? screens this week on SBS, in which personality Julie Goodwin, journalist Caleb Bond, and NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong see whether they themselves could survive on welfare and low incomes.

In this episode, attention shifts to the job market, as the three contributors experience the challenges of trying to find work and survive on an irregular pay-packet in this tough new era of employment in Australia.

8:30pm Wednesday on SBS.

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  1. The one, using a reporter and a politician with some knowledge and interest in the field has been more than just SBS’s version of Victorian Poverty tourism featuring C grade celebrities. The current job market is the best it has been since the mid 80s, and hospitality is complaining about not only having to pay minimum wages and conditions, but more to attract people out of their homes. As the jobs that they will be getting will be the jobs that used to be worked by foreign students, most at half the minimum wage with no super or workers’ compensation (and with Canberra and Morrison are doing everything they can to get back).

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