Final 3 battle for Big Brother: VIP title

Ellie Gonsalves, Josh Carroll & Luke Toki in Seven's reality final tonight.

Models Ellie Gonsalves and Josh Carroll will compete with former Australian Survivor favourite Luke Toki in the Big Brother: VIP Grand Final tonight.

Last night MAFS participant Jessika Power and model Imogen Anthony were eliminated following two separate challenges.

After Jessika was eliminated in a vote the final challenge saw Josh win the chance to decide his final two contenders. Sticking with his alliance with Luke he sent Kyle Sandiland’s ex Imogen Anthony packing.

“I never thought I would make it this far. I did not expect to be so transformed by this experience, it’s definitely given me my spark back… and I feel like doing that, I can do almost anything. I am excited for things ahead. I am not just someone’s ex, I am me, I am Immy, I am Imogen,” she said.

Voting for Luke, Josh or Ellie continues until an unspecified time during tonight’s broadcast AEDT.

Seven has recorded three alternative endings which will see one take out the $100,000 prize for their chosen charity.

You can vote here.

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  1. I’m glad these are the top 3, not one played under the radar. I’ve never heard of Josh or Elle before, but both of them played really well. I’m a fan of both of them now. I’m hoping Josh for the win.

  2. Yikes these are their VIPs, I only know Luke from Survivor but that hardly makes you a celebrity, why would they film three endings really as who is going to leak the winner with ratings that low anyway.
    Be interesting to see if any lift in the ratings for the finale tomorrow.

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