Gallery: The Block 2022

Contestants will each build on 10 acres in 2022.

Next year’s “Treechange” season of The Block, confirmed to take place in the Macedon Ranges, north-west of Melbourne, sees contestants building on 10 acre blocks (4.04ha.).

Host Scott Cam will also renovate an old homestead.

Casting applications have now closed with filming set to begin for Nine in late February.

And yes, it’s the biggest Block ever!

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  1. Is Scotty auditioning for the role of Jock Ewing if they ever do a Dallas reboot? He looks right at home on that horse. Perhaps when it comes time for Nine to promote The Block for 2022 they could use the Dallas intro using those sweeping shots of wind swept grasses. That would be a hoot.

    1. It’s always had elements of conflict. I remember thinking S1 was a bit like neighbours in Number 96 quarrelling about the folk upstairs. But yes the balance has shifted. Producer Julian Cress has noted in interviews, nobody wants to watch paint dry, and numbers would suggest he has support.

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