Hamish Macdonald returns to host Q+A (but not how you think)

Art imitates life on ABC.

Hamish Macdonald has ‘returned’ to host Q+A, sort of, in an upcoming episode of ABC’s Total Control.

The drama sees Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths both participate in a debate filmed with Macdonald as host before he left the ABC in July.

Also featuring in the episode is Rob Carlton in a very Bob Katter-like hat.

Scenes also include backstage as well as Fran Kelly voicing radio commentary.

8:40pm Sunday on ABC.

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  1. In the past few weeks Australian TV presenters have had cameo appearances as news anchors in US films. Hamish Macdonald (complete with a TEN logo in Olympus Has Fallen, played on 10), and Robert Penfold in The X-Files S7E10 “they weren’t able to film a scene involving a news report on Amber Lynn’s kidnapping until one of the producers reached out to Robert Penfold, an LA-based Australian reporter (and fan of the show) who agreed to do the cameo for nothing.” (TV Tropes)

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