Hard Quiz: Nov 10

Expert subjects: Chernobyl, Hanson, Frisbees and Wallace & Gromit.

Tonight on Hard Quiz, expert subjects: Chernobyl, Hanson, Frisbees and Wallace & Gromit.

It’s a battle royale as host Tom Gleeson puts four experts to the test on their specialty topics. Will Chernobyl expert Jason prove his being on the show is no accident? Will Naomi’s knowledge of Wallace and Gromit make her an ‘Aard’-woman to beat? Will Kim’s Hanson know-how take her to number 1? Or will Rueben spin them all out with his Ultimate Frisbee facts? Tune in, Hard!

8pm tonight on ABC.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for heads up David. Hanson were a great band in the 90s. My cousin and her USA friend are big fans. Wallace and Gromit had some great adventures and made interesting inventions.

  2. I know Hanson is likely referring to the boy band, though it would be an epic surprise if it was in relation to the cement company Hanson which probably has a higher profile in Australia nowadays than the boy band that was famous in the ’90s. Hard Quiz is a great show in any case.

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