Media Watch questions unpaid plug on Today

Michael Clarke spruiks an alcohol company where such ads are banned, but it's all within the rules.

Media Watch has highlighted what looks to be an anomaly in the broadcasting code after former cricketer Michael Clarke spruiked an alcohol company on the Today show last week.

“I’ve signed up with Bevmart. Again, an alcohol company …” he told Allison Langdon.

“I’ve always drank spirits and they’ve got a number of great options, which is good …”

He added, “They’re doin’ a lot of those pre-made drinks as well like the margaritas, those types of things that are in fashion at the moment. And, like I say, they’ve got a good variety around options but also price. So, I think for the Aussies, well for me anyway, havin’ home school, come Friday afternoon I’m cryin’ out for a drink … ”

Alcohol ads are banned on breakfast TV due to the risk children may be watching.

But Nine told ABC, “Michael Clarke was interviewed about the Ashes campaign and a range of topics related to him. It was not a paid promotion and the segment complied with all relevant Codes.”

ACMA agreed the rules only come into effect when the licensee receives payment or other valuable consideration. To date it has received no complaints.

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  1. It’s genuinely perplexing no matter how many times they seem to be in hot water for this, they continue to push the boundaries. This sort of thing really needs to stop, like really really.

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