Neighbours season finale

Neighbours won't screen all year round, with a season finale in early December.

A Neighbours season finale will screen on 10 Peach on Thursday, December 9th.

Unlike 2018 – 2020 the show won’t screen all year round, before resuming on Monday January 3rd in 2022.

This year 10 Peach pulled the series back to 4 nights a week, believed to be a move to allow the UK to catch up to Australia.

Meanwhile Home & Away has a finale next Thursday night, November 25.

Source: Digital Spy

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      1. April Rose Pengilly said on Instagram that the decision to move to four days a week had nothing to do with the UK being out of step (and pointed out that they’d catch up really soon). She said that the producers didn’t care about that sort of thing and that the reason for the change was that “no one watches TV on a Friday night”. That could just be spin (the cast aren’t allowed to comment on anything without permission, so clearly, she was allowed to say what she did), but it’s also true that the writers/producers didn’t know about the planned change when they were writing and filming the episodes, as any time days or dates appeared on phones etc. after it had changed to four days a week, aligned with what would have been the originally planned air date. It remains to be seen whether the writers change as time goes on. Personally, I miss having it on five days a week and hope it reverts to this soon.

          1. There goes your chance of an interview with April Rose, David 😉 I was really surprised by what she said, to be honest. TV Tonight (i.e. you! 🙂 ) are my most trusted source of info for anything TV-related here. The UK is now just a few days behind us, so it will be interesting to see what happens in 2022 in terms of number of episodes shown per week.

  1. Yes I had read about this elsewhere and wanted to check with you David. I believe there were some renegotiations of the deal done with Channel 5 some time this year.

    Any ideas if we will go back to 5 eps a week in the new year as the UK will be caught up? There has been lots of talk the move to 4 eps is due to no one watching on Fridays and it will continue as such in Australia.

  2. David, do we know why this year it is not screened throughout Xmas/new year – including Xmas day?

    Originally this was part of the new deal with channel 5 in the uk (if I remember correctly).

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