Paramount+ to screen Star Trek: Discovery from Friday

Set your phasers to stunned... as Paramount+ responds to a fan outpouring.

Set your phasers to stunned…

Star Trek: Discovery S4 will now begin on Paramount+ from tomorrow.

The first two episodes will be available tomorrow, with a new episode being released weekly.

The news follows a fan outpouring after a new deal meant fans would be forced to wait until January to see it legally.

There is also a new membership promotion on Paramount+ for 50% off for the first three months with code STARTREK.


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  1. The wait till January was so that Paramount+ could manage release with promotion across their growing global network. Millennials demonstrating their usual complete inability to delay gratification have given them plenty of publicity. And it’s Friday, except for Europe, where Viacom and Comcast’s SkyShowtime doesn’t launch till 2022.

    1. I agree with your summation Pertinax, the cynic in me sees this change of heart by Paramount+ regarding Star Trek:Discovery as a perhaps clever bit of publicity / Paramount+ promotion in Australia, any publicity is good publicity isn’t it?.

    1. I supported getting a earlier release for the people who want to see it but for myself and others i know we felt the first season was great then season 2 brought in the dumb try to be funny dialogue which ended it for me,why don’t producers have the guts to play sci-fi straight instead of adding humour. Picard Star Trek is far superior and Lost In Space remake is great.

      1. Well, some parts of sci-fi shows can be humorous havastar, take Star Trek: Discovery’s new version of the Klingon as an example, but then I have always considered the Klingon’s comical in all their versions, it was part of the reason I watched the show over the years. ‘Iwllj jachjaj’ (‘Cheers’).

      2. methinks no one was going to wait this long – if you are disappointed with the plot / dialogue havastar – then you may end up wondering why you continue to watch after this seasons first two outings

        1. Just to clarify i watched the first half of season 2 and did not like where it was going, i like my sci-fi shows more straight lace and if it has humour then it has to be funny not stupid.

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