Report: The Block renewing for 3 years

Reality juggernaut looks set to stay on Nine for some time to come.

The Sydney Morning Herald this week reported Nine is in the midst of renewing The Block for another three seasons.

Industry sources familiar with the deal, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Nine had agreed on terms to extend its contract with the program’s makers Julian Cress and David Barbour by about three years.

A deal would come as no surprise given the continued ratings, despite a softer start, that have underpinned Nine’s Q3 and Q4. The show is also a big drawcard for advertisers with plenty of those integration opportunities for advertisers.

Next season is confirmed as the first rural-based season for the show, rumoured to be set for Kyneton, 89km northwest of Melbourne -it isn’t clear if the 3 seasons is on top of 2022 plans.

Meanwhile the Auction for Bronte Court Hampton will screen this Sunday on Nine.

Julian Cress declined to comment.

Nine also declined to comment (as it generally does around all things Block chatter).

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  1. The Block is a little hit and miss with me of late. I generally tune in for the weekly reveals but skip all other episodes. For future seasons I’d like to see the judging component changed. I’m no fan of allowing the 3 judges go in at the same time because they often bounce of each others likes and dislikes and the scoring is just a little too close for my liking. With international borders opening up I’d like to see the producers of The Block bring in special judges from 9Life series: Masters of Flip, Good Bones, Home Town or Fixer Upper. This would be great as cross promotion and offer us viewers on what Americans think of our way of living. And if The Block is heading bush I think flying in Chip & Joanna would be a perfect fit. Anyway just my thoughts to freshen up the series.

    1. I think it’s time for an overhaul of the judges, similar to Masterchef. It would breathe new life into the show; certainly the scoring and comments have been inconsistent, puzzling each couple on what the criteria was and why another couple received a score for something not the same.

  2. Fantastic news and well deserved. Brilliant Aussie format and well run production, employing heaps of us fruit-pickers.

    Can’t wait to see how the auction goes on Sunday – all the houses and gardens look stunning. I so want the twins to win, because they dared to defy the architect….but then again, they were a bit sulky towards the end…Mitch’s and Mark’s house is the warmest, but Kirsty and Jesse’s was incredible and Georgia and Ron-dog did a slick job….but it’ll probably be Tanya and Vito, because, just because.

    Can’t wait!

  3. The Block should be axed not renewed for another 3 Boring Years bring on something new Great Comedy or Drama series will do there are more than enough reality rubbish shows on TV

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