Returning: Bondi Rescue, Territory Cops

Unaired episodes of two Aussie factuals will screen on 10 next week.

Unaired episodes of Bondi Rescue and Territory Cops will screen on 10 next week.

Bondi Rescue 7:30pm Monday December 6
Season 16 / Episode 8
When three girls come to the tower reporting a flasher hanging around the promenade, the lifeguards investigate. Will and Bagus monitor flash rips at the south end of the beach, where they’re busy with non-stop rescues, until they decide enough is enough and move everyone from the area. But one swimmer ignores their instructions, and then needs rescuing. Jethro and Chase take a home-made throne attached to a surfboard, out past the breakers, to check if it’s seaworthy by trying to catch a big wave.

Territory Cops 8pm Monday
Season 3 / Episode 8
You’re more likely to get your car stolen in the Territory than anywhere else in Australia, and Darwin’s Property Crime Unit, Strikeforce Trident, is on the hunt for a couple of brazen car thieves who have been caught in the act on CCTV. The NT Police commissioner, Jamie Chalker is on a mission to turn around the abhorrent statistics on the victimisation rate of Aboriginal females in the Territory. Emergency services and local Aboriginal community groups, are left to pick up the pieces. The Mounted Police team manage crowd control better than anyone, and on this humid night, Darwin’s Mitchell Street party strip is in need of their assistance as tempers flare.

Neither show has been formally renewed for 2022 as yet.

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