Returning: The Wonderful World Of Chocolate

Here come more chocolate factories, eye-popping sculptures and rivers of molten chocolate.

Move over Snackmasters, Season 3 of The Wonderful World Of Chocolate returns to SBS tonight.

The Wonderful World Of Chocolate is back, more choco-licious than ever before, with exclusive access to chocolate factories, eye-popping sculptures, rivers of molten chocolate and fabulous chocolate treats from around the world.

This season, the madcap chocolatiers’ crazy creations include a 50-kilo spinning chocolate globe, a full Italian feast recreated in chocolate, and a gravity defying chocolate Goddess of the Sea.

Episode One:
Visit the factory producing cinema favourites Poppets and explore the history of Milk Tray’s iconic selection box. There’s a giant hand-painted Easter egg, Milton Hershey’s model town of Hershey, Pennsylvania and just north of New York, the single most expensive chocolate in the world.

Thursday, 25 November at 7.35pm on SBS.

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