Simpsons consider second feature film, but…

“A film has definitely been discussed," says Simpsons showrunner.

The Simpsons Movie was released back in 2007, but are there any plans for another?

Maybe, but there’s a catch….

“A film has definitely been discussed – we’ve had a thought or two about it,” showrunner Al Jean has told Radio Times.

“The biggest question to me right now is what’s the future of the animated feature – you know, Luca was a great film but it was released exclusively on Disney Plus… I think Pixar may be doing theatrical releases next year I heard, so if the Pixar releases do well – which they should, they’re the best – then the road would be open for us to do a theatrical feature.”

“We had a short that came out before the pandemic – the Maggie short [Playdate with Destiny] – and I went to the cinema and there were just three people!”

A new short The Simpsons in Plusaversary! in which The Simpsons host a Disney+ Day party for everyone except Homer, recently dropped on Disney+.

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  1. I still really enjoy Simpsons though earlier seasons were the funniest. I was disappointed Sideshow Bob didn’t appear in the movie. Are DVD’s getting released? Disney + is a streaming service I’d like to have.

  2. I thought The Simpsons was good in the early seasons, but had declined in quality in the latter seasons and becoming overly political, just to drag on the program. The early seasons that were repeated many times successfully on Ten Network.

    The Simpsons Movie was widely criticised negatively with the only redeeming moment being the Spider-Pig song, so a secondary movie would have to overcome the negative criticism and displeasure of the initial The Simpsons Movie.

    1. I had thought that the Simpsons Movie was widely received very well with positive reviews and a return to former glory somewhat… it has. 7.3 on IMDB and 87% on rotten tomatoes. I personally loved it.

      1. On Rotten Tomatoes, I go by the Audience Score, which says 77%, but it’s still a high score on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB so I can’t deny that and agree with it being well received based on those statistics.

        I’m going by how myself and my friends at the time reacted to it, which was with disappointment.

      2. It wasn’t quite as bad as I feared it would be, but the jokes were completely lacking in substance (virtually every joke was “explained”) and it was dumbed down so that somebody who has never watched The Simpsons will “get it” (as if the show proper wasn’t accessible enough for newcomers). It stunk of a film that was vigorously test-screened to hell and back in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and it was of course all the poorer for it. I’ll concede that it was better than much of the mid 2000s seasons, but it couldn’t possibly touch even the most mediocre among the golden seasons.

        In light of the recasts, and a random recent episode I had stumbled across which was littered with insufferable far-leaning rhetoric, I can’t see any good emerging from this franchise again, let alone any subsequent movies. I just hope that they have a finale recorded ahead of time (whether in the form of an episode or a movie) just in case any of the principal cast were to pass away.

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