Star Trek: Discovery: “We share your disappointment”

Anthony Rapp empathises with fans over Discovery S4, confirming cast were not aware the move from Netflix to Paramount+ was coming.

Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp took to Twitter in response to fans upset over delays to Season 4 following a change in distribution from Netflix to Paramount+.

“I hereby reach out to our many international Star Trek: Discovery fans, who are understandably upset at the last-minute news that you won’t get to experience Season 4 until 2022,” he wrote in a Twitter thread. “We cast members just found out about this as well and we share your disappointment and frustration.

The first three seasons of Discovery have since been pulled from Netflix, ahead of Paramount+ screening the series next year. The deal became public just days before Season 4 screened in North America.

“I don’t pretend to understand how these sorts of deals for international rights are made (or unmade),” Rapp continued. “I will say I wish we all had been told that this was coming, so we could have braced ourselves and then we could have helped spread the word to all of you.

“Having just been to Germany for FedCon, having traveled twice to DST in Birmingham and having interacted with countless international fans on social media over the past 4 years, I am keenly aware of how much love and support our show receives from many folks from all over the world.”

Sources tell TV Tonight Paramount+ will screen the series in Australia very early in 2022.

“We remain deeply grateful to you all. We hope that when the show makes its way to you, you will continue to support the hard work that we all have done to bring Discovery to life,” said Rapp.

“We are all of us saddened that you will have to wait months longer to experience Season 4.

“Thank you to those of you who’ve been tweeting out your honest and passionate and heartfelt responses. We see you, we hear you, and we are committed to doing our utmost to honor you with our work.”

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  1. Oh to be a Fly on the wall at Netflix HQ, it’s easy to get the impression that this quick decision not to screen the potentially final S4 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ was a falling out, with Paramount+ who wanted full control of their Star Trek franchise back, (as did Disney / Marvel). My own impression is that poor ratings have not helped this show with last years S3 achieving 1.7 million viewers overall for its premier, scoring a 0.2, being beaten by re-runs of The Masked Singer and Filthy Rich in the U.S. The CBS Star Trek franchise is in trouble, including ‘Star Trek:Picard’, especially with fans, they want to recognise their universe again, but like Disney+, CBS All-Access are following their own political course which is not going down well with some sci-fi audiences, resulting in established franchises now looking a bit shaky after their past success, including Disney’s Star Wars and the Marvel Universe.

      1. The deal did allow Netflix to play S4 and it was scheduled for 25th of November. Viacom bought all the global streaming rights to ST:Discovery back and as it took a while to negotiate and was only finalised a week before, it appears they simple make Netflix an offer they couldn’t refuse for them. Discovery was made to be the SF franchise for All Access US, and now they have bet heavily on Star Trek and realised that they needed to relaunch All Access as Paramount+ world wide to survive, they needed them back.

  2. My irritation at the change to P+ is only enhanced by the delay for the Australian audience. In an age of “fast tracking” and “same day as” I feel as though P+ could have screened it sooner rather than later.

    1. You weren’t ever going to get it before it aired in the US. Viacom has just just bought the global streaming rights back from Netflix, so they have delayed premiering S4 until they have run promotion across Paramount+ globally to make the most of that. It will be same day as the US, that day will just be in 2022 now.

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