Sunrise wins 2021 breakfast battle (again)

In a year with a major change of anchors, Sunrise still claims its 18th year in a row.

Sunrise has won the hotly-contested breakfast TV war, for the 18th year in a row.

In a year when Sam Armytage departed, replaced by Natalie Barr, Sunrise won every week, both metro and nationally, and has also claimed victory every day nationally for the past three years.

Executive Producer, Michael Pell, said: “These results are absolutely outstanding and a credit to the entire Sunrise team. It has been a year of mixed fortunes for many Australians, so credible information and trustworthy storytelling have never been more crucial. But Sunrise is also a family and it’s been a pleasure to bring some entertainment to Aussies when they needed it most. Thanks to our loyal audience for making us number one for another year.”

Natalie Barr, said: “I love this show. It’s my second family. To clock up 18 years as #1 is something this big team of fantastic, hard-working people is just so proud of. We are here because of our other family out there, the viewers. Many of them have been with us for every one of those 18 years – breastfeeding their babies in the dark in their lounge rooms, snatching a few minutes of the show as they yell at the kids and get the school lunches ready, laughing and crying with us year in and year out.

“We can never thank everyone enough for all the support. Gee, it’s been a slog the last couple of years with COVID, so wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and bring on 2022.”

David Koch, added: “Eighteen consecutive years as Australia’s most-watched breakfast program is a significant milestone for us. Just as parents have a sense of love and pride when their children turn 18, it’s the same for me with Sunrise.

“I’m enormously proud of working with an incredible team here at Sunrise and proud of what we’ve achieved. I’m also extraordinarily grateful to our viewers for their support, their loyalty and for the privilege of being allowed to be part of their morning routine. And just like parents do on their child’s 18th birthday, you can’t help but cherish the experiences I’ve had as part of the program. The adventures I’ve had, the people I’ve met, the joy and love I’ve received. It is seriously the best job it the world and one I’m forever grateful to have.”

The full team of David Koch, Natalie Barr, Edwina Bartholomew, Mark Beretta and Sam Mac return in 2022.

Market Period Sunrise viewers Today viewers
National Calendar year (year to date) 450,000 325,000
Survey year (Excl. summer, Easter, Olympics) 446,000 329,000
Capital cities Calendar year (year to date) 262,000 220,000
Survey year (Excl. summer, Easter, Olympics) 260,000 223,000

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  1. Not a morning show viewer but if I was, am pretty sure I’d be watching ABC (no adverts and they do news better) but recognize the value to commercial tv for such shows (relatively inexpensive given their news gathering infrastructure is shared across multiple shows and platforms), provides a lot of hours on the schedule and effective cross promotional for other shows….it also makes money (unlike the big sport). 18 years with David Koch…..there’s no accounting for taste!?

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