AACTA advises guests to monitor for symptoms

Sydney Opera House food and beverage operator tests positive but AACTA guests are considered low risk.

The AACTA Awards has contacted guests to advise them to monitor for symptoms after a Sydney Opera House food and beverage operator tested positive for COVID-19.

“A thorough cleaning of affected areas has been carried out and the Sydney Opera House is taking all necessary steps as required by NSW Health. AACTA worked closely with the Sydney Opera House to ensure the AACTA Awards were a COVID-safe event to minimise any risk to guests and staff,” AACTA advised guests via email.

“NSW Health has advised that as all patrons are fully vaccinated in order to attend, patrons are low risk and should only monitor for symptoms for 14 days from the exposure date.”

At the event Dave Hughes joked, “If any of you over the next few days get Covid, we need you to shut up all right? Just be quiet. Stay home. Do not ring us!

“We’re all double-vaxxed, all right? We’re OK!

“If Eric Bana gets Covid, don’t ring Jack Thompson! He’s got shit to do this week!”

Photo: Getty Images

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