Airdate: Iggy & Ace

VICELAND screens WA-made drama about two young, gay best friends dealing with alcoholism.

WA-based drama Iggy & Ace, which has previously screened at SBS on Demand, is getting a Free to Air screening tonight on SBS VICELAND.

The 6 x 10 minute series starring Sara West and Josh Virgona as LGBTQI best friends dealing with alcoholism, will screen as a single block.

You can read a review here.

Iggy and Ace are two young, gay best friends who live, work and play together, inseparable in every way. But when Ace starts to suffer debilitating panic attacks when hungover, he winds up at a gay chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous determined to get sober.

Iggy is horrified, convinced that her friend has been indoctrinated into a religious cult, and views his rejection of their shared lifestyle as a rejection of her. Stung, Iggy does everything she can to disrupt his recovery and keep her best friend close, begging the question: Can Ace’s sobriety and his friendship with Iggy co-exist?

The title roles are played by Sara West as Iggy (Don’t Tell, Bad Girl) and WAAPA graduate Josh Virgona as Ace, in his first television role. Joining them are Roz Hammond (Mad As Hell, Muriel’s Wedding), Joanna Tu (A Lie Of The Mind, Skeleton), Dalip Sondhi (Tidelands, Pulse), Liam Graham (The Heights, Burning Kiss) and new talent Aiden Hawke.

Iggy & Ace is a Lazy Susan Pictures production in association with Factor 30 Films for SBS. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with SBS. Developed and produced with assistance from Screenwest and Lotterywest.

9:20pm tonight on SBS VICELAND.

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  1. I’ll be checking this out tonight – the episode of Dark Side Of The 90s before it also looks worth catching, given it’s about “SubPop’s classic 90’s indie ethos was tested when they chased mainstream money. The story of grunge told through the eyes of the little label that started it all”. SubPop being where Nirvana started from.

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