Airdate: Wolf Like Me

First look at new six part genre-bending drama starring Isla Fisher and Josh Gad.

Wolf Like Me, a new six-part, half-hour drama starring Isla Fisher and Josh Gad, is coming to Stan.

The series also features Ariel Donoghue (Crossing Paths), Emma Lung (Entourage) and Anthony Taufa (Mr Inbetween), with guest stars including Jake Ryan (Wolf Creek), Robyn Nevin (The End, Upper Middle Bogan, Relic) and Nash Edgerton (The Invisible Man).

All episodes available will drop in mid January.

Everyone brings their own set of baggage to a new relationship and Gary (Josh Gad) and Mary (Isla Fisher) are no different. When Mary’s universe suddenly collides with Gary and his 11-year-old daughter, Emma (Ariel Donoghue), all the signs tell her they’re meant to be in each other’s lives. But, as their connection deepens, Mary and Gary grow more and more terrified their respective baggage will tear them apart.

A genre-bending, heartfelt drama produced by Jodi Matterson (Nine Perfect Strangers), Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies) and Steve Hutensky (The Dry) at Made Up Stories, Wolf Like Me is written and directed by three-time AACTA Award nominee Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters) and is inspired by his own experiences searching for love as a single parent.

Thursday January 13 on Stan.

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