Five Bedrooms: trailer

First look at S3 -and a hint of a first Five Bedrooms wedding.

Eight new episodes of Five Bedrooms S3 screen on January 1st.

Returning cast include Kat Stewart as fallen socialite Liz , Stephen Peacock as laconic tradie Ben, Doris Younane as firecracker middle-aged mum Heather, Roy Joseph as cautious gay doctor Harry, Katie Robertson as tragic romantic Ainsley and Johnny Carr as eager-to-please Simmo (no mention of Hugh Sheridan this season).

This surrogate family are more fiercely loving and functional than your average biological clan. The arrangement that began as a risky short-term solution is now an empirical success, a genuine long-term prospect, and maybe even a preferable version of family and life?

In season three, Evie’s nursery has been turned into a functioning bed and breakfast that is finally ready for its debut, there’s a break-up for the house to navigate, an opportunity to become a parent, and finally, the first Five Bedrooms wedding.

Each of these events strike at the core question of the series – what’s the best way to live a life, and who are the best people to live that life with?

Saturday January 1 on Paramount+.

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