Hitch to switch to 4 nights a week

Updated: Nine's Peter Hitchener will read bulletins Monday - Thursday, as Tony Jones reveals succeeding him wasn't his priority any longer.

Veteran Nine News Melbourne presenter Peter Hitchener will read bulletins 4 nights a week in 2022.

Nine has confirmed a report in The Australian that next year ‘Hitch’, 75, will read bulletins from Monday – Thursday with Alicia Loxley to read Friday – Sunday bulletins next year.

A source told the newspaper, “He’s won the ratings 10 years in a row. This is a way of extending his career, not shortening it. We want him to do it forever.”

The article speculates that Alicia Loxley is likely to be an “heir apparent” in long-term planning.

Hitch joined Nine in 1973 and took over as chief newsreader in December 1998 when Brian Naylor retired.

He is known for loving his work and engaging with viewers through social media… retirement is not on the cards anytime soon.


On 3AW this morning Tony Jones, whilst filling in for Neil Mitchell, was quizzed on the news and his reaction. But Jones says he realised last year the top job was no longer his top priority.

“I can say this hand on heart …about a year ago -and it wouldn’t be an epiphany or anything like that- I just thought it’s not what I want to do. It’s not where I want to go,” he said.

“The problem was if it had’ve been offered, I would have said, ‘Well, yeah.’ But my heart of hearts told me I wasn’t the person for the job.”

In addition to presenting Sport, Jones covers 3AW shifts for Neil Mitchell, hosts Sunday Footy Show and contributes to Today.

“I thought this is definitely what I want to do. I like this working lifestyle. Having said that, Nine have decided it wasn’t me anyway. So it was all academic!” he continued.

“But the conversation we had.. it could never be more mutual if you tried and can I tell you I will probably retire before Hitch does. ..and if Hitch does retire before me, then I’ll have the pleasure of working alongside three of the best: Brian Naylor, Peter Hitchener and Alicia Loxley who’s a wonderful person and a magnificent news reader.”

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  1. My family has always watched Channel 9 news, way back when Sir Eric Pearce read the news!
    Glad Peter will be reading news Mon – Thursday.
    I really enjoy Alicia Loxley’s newsreading. I think she has more class than others I’ve seen.

  2. Glad Pete is finally getting a 3 day weekend. Well deserved after his long stint with Nine.

    I hope Alicia can just slow down reading the news. It’s like she’s in a hurry to get off the desk sometimes. She does need to hone on her delivery skills a little, so those hard of hearing, or from non English speaking backgrounds can listen and understand her.

  3. Really pleased that Hitch is staying on next year and a reduced work load is fair enough at 75. He seems like such a lovely man and I really enjoy the way he reads the news. Alicia is classy and will be great on Fridays and weekends too. Hopefully they don’t let eye candy Dougal Beatty stray too far and keep him doing the 4pm weekdays and occasionally on weekends. He makes the news very easy to watch haha. Really enjoy the lovely Lavinia doing the weather too. Somehow they even make Finance seem interesting with the other eye candy Chris Kohler haha. They all contribute to make Channel 9 6pm news like catching up with some nice familiar friends. Sorry, but as for Tony Jones…yeah nah!

  4. Makes perfect sense. Nine is holding on to its number one asset and slowly strenthening its new one. Alicia Loxley is a clear standout over Tony Jones. Bullswool – Bec Maddern left Nine for the same reason she left Seven. Ego vs reality.

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