New Idea apologises to Grant Denyer

“The article was false," says New Idea in its apology to Grant Denyer, Chezzi Denyer & Lily Cornish, after trashy cover story.

Tabloid magazine New Idea has apologised to Grant Denyer, wife Chezzi Denyer and dancer Lily Cornish after a front page story which claimed he was having an affair.

Denyer denied the story which ran in October with paparazzi photos accompanied by the headline, “Grant Denyer caught out!”, “Chezzi’s heartbreak” and “shock new pics.”

The Denyers claimed the Dancing with Stars dancer was “like our adopted daughter.”

“Grant and I are kind of used to bull**** headlines … unfortunately we’ve worn quite a few … but poor Lilz doesn’t deserve this defamation of character. She’s a beautiful and sensitive soul,” Chezzi wrote on Instagram.

“My wife and I are used to fabricated stories from these types of magazines, we’ve had a life of it, but for Lily, she’s a 22yo kid!,” Grant Denyer wrote.

“This kind of treatment is brutally unfair and disgusting. I’m a Dad of 3 girls. And if any friend is having a bad day or a tough time in their life, I’m going to be there for them. End of story.”

In its apology the magazine today stated: “The article was false. Are Media and New Idea acknowledge that Grant Denyer and Lily Cornish are not having an extramarital affair. They have never had an affair. Are Media and New Idea wish to apologise to Grant Denyer, Chezzi Denyer and Lily Cornish for the hurt and embarrassment caused by the article.”

On Instagram Grant Denyer thanked his followers for their letters of support, noting, “And while I can’t disclose details, I want you to know that we employed Richard Leder and Georgie Austin from Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Renee Enbom QC, with every intent of suing but have since reached a suitable confidential settlement outside of court which includes, most importantly, a public apology and admission that the story and headline were false.”

Are Media also owns TV Week which honoured Denyer with the Gold Logie in 2018.

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  1. So why doesn’t New Idea apologise to all the others they have made up stories about? They used to give Bert Newton and his family such a hard time with their made up stories , having no respect for their elders.

    1. Yes, very good point. Retractions must be legislated to be in a prominent position and not hidden and tucked away on the websites and broadcasts where they intentionally want no one to see it. That seems to be completely wrong. It makes sense since the original publications that are required to be retracted were usually in prominent positions within the publications. Usually the required apologies and retractions are obfuscated and that definitely and obviously should not be the case. That will also encourage less errors in publishing and broadcasting. An obvious problem to be fixed.

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